Our team at Scotia Dental is proud to offer the popular Invisalign® technique, as part of our orthodontic services.  This treatment works similar to braces to gradually straighten teeth, helping our patients transform their smiles.

Using clean, virtually invisible, removable aligners, Invisalign® provides a modern, convenient orthodontic solution that fits the busy lives of our patients. If you’re a candidate for Invisalign®, our team will take impressions of your smile and use 3D imaging software to create a series of virtually invisible aligners.  You’ll wear each aligner in the series for approximately two weeks before moving on to the next. The result is a beautiful straight smile with no wires!  

With Invisalign® each aligner is removable – something that sets this treatment option apart from traditional braces – meaning that you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods, and flossing and cleaning your teeth is far easier.  Patients opting for Invisalign orthodontic treatment will need to attend appointments at our office every four to six weeks, so our team can monitor their progress.  Fear not, these will be very quick visits!

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