We understand that a visit to the dentist can give some people anxiety.  The last thing we want is for dental anxiety to prevent you from seeking regular oral health care.  If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, please let our reception team know.  We’ve been helping patients with dental anxiety for years, and our kindcompassionate staff will do everything possible to help you feel comfortable throughout your appointment.

At Scotia Dental, we do our best to offer our patients a soothing, and welcoming environment for their dental care.  We have televisions in each of our exam rooms for you to enjoy, as well as relaxing music for you to listen to should you choose to do that instead.  For the majority of our anxious patients, these ‘distractions’ help them focus on other things, and will help make their dental experience less stressful.

Before your treatment, our professional staff will explain all procedures before they begin, so you have a good understanding of  the process. During this time, we can discuss signals you can give your dentist in order to indicate if would like us to stop or need a break at any time during your procedure.  

For patients with more extreme dental anxiety, sedation options are also available.  We are proud to offer you with a range of sedation options including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation.


Sound Therapy

Enjoy the soothing sounds of relaxing music and a trickling waterfall as you’re greeted and comfortably seated in our reception lounge. 



While undergoing treatment we want you to be comfortable, so we have invested in extra plush chairs and gel pillows. Your comfort is a priority.